Idea and Scope for the ICE series


When did you last participate in an international electrolyzer conference?

Electrolyzer events are rare and real conference series perhaps non-existing. Electrolyzers are equivalent to fuel cells, but while conferences devoted to fuel cells are plentiful, electrolyzer conferences are certainly not. Scientific and technical exchange of knowledge regarding electrolyzers are typically taking place in sub-sessions of fuel cell conferences or overarching hydrogen conferences like the WHEC. You may have joined one-at-a-time workshops or thematic meetings on electrolysis, but full-blown international conference series where the growing community can gather, network and share the latest findings in a regular manner remain to be seen.

Research in all the aspects of electrolysis for energy conversion is growing, and the awareness that the conversion from electrical energy to storable and portable matter - fuels - is an inevitable part of the green transition from a fossil based energy infrastructure to a sustainable one. Fuel cells are expected to play a vital role in this transition too, but they compete with proven and well-established technologies, while electrolyzers bridge a gab for which no other alternative is obvious. On this background it is even more striking that we have not yet managed to put up a designated conference series on electrolysis for energy conversion.

The aim of this initiative is to start a conference series devoted to electrolysis for energy conversion. Let us make a forum in which electrolysis is the main theme and not a sub-topic among many others.

Be part of it. If you find this idea appealing then I hope you will come and take part in ICE2017 and make it a success. We will prepare the setting in a nice venue, but only the participants can ensure the success. 

Welcome at ICE2017 in Copenhagen
From Tue 12th to Thu 15th of June, 2017

Jens Oluf Jensen
Chair of ICE2017