Instructions for presenters

  1. Oral Presentation
    Please bring your presentation on a USB key to the technical assistant in the conference room at latest in the break before your session.
    • Presentation format:
      The computers will be running the Windows 7 operating system with Office 2013 installed. Presentation formats accepted are:
      - Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2007 AND 2010
      - PDF 1.4
      - OpenOffice Presentation ODP (.odp)
    • The projector is in full HD. Optimal presentation size is 16:9 (1920x1080), but presentations in 4:3 will also be ok.
    • Length of oral presentations
      Oral presentations are 20 minutes long. Please design your presentation to take 15-17 minutes, leaving 3 to 5 minutes for discussion. The conference schedule is busy, and we invite all speakers to strictly observe their allocated time.

  2. Poster Presentation
    • Poster Format
      - Poster boards are 84,1 cm wide (33,11 in) x 118,9 cm high (46,81 in) corresponding to A0 format.
      - Poster boards provided have a cork backing that will accept drawing pins/tacks or similar fixing materials. These will be provided on site.
    • Location and Timing of Posters
      To be announced
    • Posters for the Monday session, will remain through Tuesday. Posters for the Wednesday session, will remain through Thursday.